Beautiful boudoir photo in a bathtub


Each story below is printed with permission from our client.

Rachel teaser


Rachel's session has been a bucket list item for a while. Her friend and assistant… read more and see photos

Luying teaser


Luying's session is inspired by her cozy days on the weekends. Sometimes, she enjoys being alone and… read more and see photos

Cathy teaser


When Cathy walked in, she has no idea what types of style she wants to do on that day. We say - hey! Why don't we just go with the flow,… read more and see photos

Jay teaser


Another bride-to-be called and wanted to do boudoir photos with us. The photoshoot was inspired by… read more and see photos

Gabby teaser


Gabby uses her own inspirations bringing the beauty and romance from traditional Chinese culture.… read more and see photos

Jameson teaser


This boudoir session was inspired by many days on Pinterest, finding ideas to shoot this vivid, sexy and stylish… read more and see photos

Jasmine teaser


The boudoir pictures can also be classic. We use different lighting and fabrics to create various atmospheres to… read more and see photos

Lan teaser


Boudoir photos can be a fun and private surprise for a groom on your wedding day. Surprise him and set the mood with a beautiful keepsake album with your handwritten note "meet me at the altar."… read more and see photos

Shuting teaser


The number one question we get asked is "I'm not a professional model, how am I going to look that good?" It's easy! Even though every person in my portfolio is completely beautiful… read more and see photos

Joleisa teaser


This mini session was inspired by lots of sexy ideas while still being very modest and classy. Bridal boudoir is a sexy little gift that new brides can give to their groom on the wedding day or wedding night.… read more and see photos

Zhouhansson teaser


This entire session was inspired by several published photos of Scarlett Johannason in GQ magazine. While viewing our portfolio you will see the entire set of photos from a session. We give every client a wide set of photos to use. We guarantee a minimum of 20 beautiful images but very often you will receive much more.… read more and see photos