The Team

All of us work together to give you a lasting and memorible experience for your big day. Everyone here has experience taking photos AND BEING A MODEL. In fact each person on our team started as a client and shares a passion for sensual, glamorous and vivid art. Working together is just doing more of what we love.

Will photo

William Entriken

Hello! I am an experienced but open-minded photographer and I love the individuality of every client. My job is to capture your beauty. My shooting style is sensual, sexy and glamorous.

I believe that you are beautiful the way you are and am thrilled to show first-time models how amazing they look (if they didn't already know.) I collect fashion magazines from around the world and love deconstructing magnificently glamorous photos we find online. My wife is a great model (and my favorite person!), she helps when we need to practice and prepare at home for a very technical shot. I believe people come into your life even if it is only for a brief time to brighten your day, teach you a life lesson or to make you stronger. (This last line is a direct quote from Critsey Rowe, one of my inspirations.) I love to travel and am fluent in Mandarin.

Su photo

Su Entriken

Hello. I have been an absolute makeup lover since being a teenager. I believe every girl is beautiful and good makeup can bring those stunning features out and to let you discover more aspects of your potential. Doing makeup for myself or others brings lots of fun to life. Starting a few years ago, I helped my friends to do some simple make up touch-up for different parties. These years, especially with my husband, as Will's photography business grow, I started doing/designing the full makeup for individual clients depending on their needs and everyone is happy with results. This is really a big inspiration to me. For me, color blending and eyelashes (if you have a long eyelash, then you should feel really lucky) are the two key parts during my makeup application. You can put as many as eyeshadow on you as long as they all blend well, you will get a soft unique stunning eye look. Also, I don't have those sexy long eye lash, but thank whoever invented them, it is my eye makeup saver. I use all different kinds of eyelashes on various looks and they are FUN! I truly enjoy making every girl still look like themselves but some what a little different. 😉

Yingying Tan

Qinling Zheng

Mandy Tao

Sijia's photo

Sijia Zhou

Hello, I'm an absolute fashion lover and I believe I can help you style better for your photo shoot. I follow the latest fashion trends and the most in products from all kinds of brands. I read fashion blogs and check my favorite bloggers' Instagram updates everyday.

Most importantly, I had experience modeling for Will. Check out my photos. I picked up my clothes from different brands and matched them with the scene I wanted to create. From lingerie to different styles of dresses, I can give you advice about getting the right clothes, accessories and shoes for your photo shoot. Also, I can help you put them together. For me, styling is fun. Let's play with it. I believe Fashion is an attitude. What you dress like shows your attitude towards life and who you are.

Apprenticeship program

We host an apprenticeship program for aspiring photographers to learn anything we can teach you. This includes technical aspects of photography, digital editing, lighting and running a photography business. Please contact us for details.

Please Email us to meet up and review our portfolio in person and schedule your session.